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Climbing, alpinism, trekking, slackline, canyoning... All these sports share the passion for the mountain. Take a look at our wide range of mountain products and start enjoying the sports you love.

In Goma2 we have a great variety of quality mountain equipment for climbing, trekking,...

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    Climbing equippment

    All the climbing equipment you need to perform safe ascents / descents. Equip yourself with quality material: brands like Black Diamond, Petzl, Edelrid and many more. Choose the type of material you need through the following categories and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    What do I need for climbing?

    If you are starting to do sport climbing and don't know where to start, we show you the essential equipment for practicing this sport:


    pies de gato escaladaCLIMBING SHOES

    Climbing shoes are essential for a good touch and adherence to the rock. It is important that the cat's feet are properly fastened to the foot, without causing any damage. There are different types depending on the climber's experience or the type of track to be taken. Consult our climbing shoes catalogue.



    HARNESSarnes de escalada

    The climbing harness is that device attached to the rope that holds us in the event of a fall. If you like climbing it is important that you have your own harness, adjusted to your size and comfort. We recommend that the harness is adjustable in waist and legs for good support at any time of the year.



    cuerda escaladaROPE

    Although there are ropes of different sizes and thicknesses, it is important to have a rope of at least 60 meters, as each time longer tracks are opened and we are interested in being able to descend safely. Among the different types of ropes we recommend dynamic ropes, more flexible and with a greater capacity to absorb impacts.


    cintas exprésEXPRESS TAPES

    They are the elements that connect the sheet metal of the rock to the rope to which we are attached. Express tapes are made up of two carabiners connected by a rope and are available in different sizes and thicknesses. For a basic climbing kit, we will have to carry at least 12 treadmills, i. e. a couple of sets of express treadmills (important that are approved, always).


    Magnesium allows you to absorb sweat from your hands and keep them dry so as not to slip. Thanks to him, we can hold on to the rock better. The magnesium pouch is used for the convenient transport of magnesium powders.


    bloqueador gri griBLOCKER OR INSURER

    Another important element in sport climbing is the blocker or insurer, a device that will handle the partner to secure down. For less experienced climbers or if you are looking for maximum safety, we recommend automatic blockers, so that in the event of a fall the device locks the rope even if the partner does not do so.


    Consult all our climbing equipment and contact us if you have any questions.


    Bouldering gear and crashpads


    Material for making ferrata tracks

    High quality and affordable material to safely make ferrata tracks: Heatsinks, carabiners, and strings. We have ferrata kits.


    Material for free camping in the mountains

    Mats, sleeping bags and kitchen equipment for mountain camping and bivouac.


    Mountaineering equipment

    Reach the top with the best mountaineering material: Piolets Petzl very lightweight for ice climbing, adjustable crampons of various models and TSL rackets of different levels.

    The choice of mountaineering equipment depends basically on two concepts: the type of route (simple or more technical) and its duration. It is not the same to spend a quiet morning hiking in a nearby mountain range as to climb the Aneto or make an expedition to Montblanc. But one thing is clear: no matter what route you take, dressing properly is essential.

    What equipment do I need for mountaineering?

    The key to dressing properly in the mountains are the layers of clothing. Instead of using a bulky jacket to keep you warm, it's much better to have several layers, thinner, so you can add or remove garments depending on the temperature. Ideally, it is recommended to wear an inner T-shirt, a sweater, an insulating jacket and if it is very cold, a mountain parka.

    It is also very important to have good shoes, such as high mountain boots, that are comfortable and protect the foot from possible bumps and twists.

    In addition to climbing clothes, it is essential to carry a backpack where we can keep water and some food, maps, personal documentation, ropes, carabiners, and if we are going to stay overnight, sleeping bag, a mat, etc.

    In the case of mountaineering with snow, you must have crampons and/or rackets, ice axes, blizzard glasses and helmet.





    They are structures that adhere to the mountain boot to be able to walk or climb on slippery surfaces, such as snow or ice. If we want to do mountaineering in winter, crampons are a basic accessory that we must carry.




    Ice Axes:

    Ice axe is used in mountaineering and ice climbing. If this is the first time you buy a ice axe, we recommend that you take a mountaineering course to learn how to use it.


    Raquetas de nieve



    They are accessories that attach to the boots to travel through snow more easily. The wide base of the rackets prevents the mountaineer from sinking into the snow, allowing him to walk more comfortably and quickly.



    If you have any questions about the mountaineering equipment you must use for your excursions, please contact us.


    Material for canyoning

    Canyoning sneakers, harnesses, descensors, ropes, socks and tobacconist. We have everything you need to perform canyoning activities in a comfortable and safe way. All our canyoning material has high quality, with reliable brands such as Altus, Edelrid, Five Ten, Fixe or Korda's.

    Canyoning is an adventure sport that is practiced in the canyons or ravines of a river, being able to present a very varied route. Below we explain everything you need to bring to practice canyoning.

    What canyoning material do I need?

    Whether you're taking a small canyon route or a longer canyoning route, it's essential to have the right equipment to enjoy it safely.

    The practice of canyoning is characterized by a wet and slippery environment. Water erodes the rocks making them very smooth and the moss and algae that can grow makes the environment extremely slippery. For this reason, the technical solution is to use canyoning boots, as they are designed with a good grip, in addition to providing comfort and safety to our foot. However, if you are just starting out and still don't know if canyoning is your thing, you can wear sneakers that are comfortable and the sole is in good condition.

    The neoprene suit is fundamental for the practice of canyoning, especially in the canyons for what lowers enough water, are deep and cold. If you are doing a guided activity, the adventure company will most likely provide you with a wetsuit, but if you are going out on your own, it is a must have in mind.

    The essential material that must be worn in the practice of canyoning is a harness, a descender rope and carabiners. Many of these accessories can be found in our climbing section, which can also be used to go downhill with water. However, we also have specific harnesses, ropes and descenders for cannoning.

    Finally, we should consider carrying a waterproof bag, petates or jerry cans where we carry our belongings. Canyoning and canyoning rucksacks have a more functional design, while drums are more rigid and watertight.

    Visit our website to check the canyoning material available and contact us if you have any questions.


    Material for trekking and hiking

    Trekking is an activity based on one or several days excursions in mountainous areas. Beyond the sport itself, with trekking we can enjoy nature and have contact with nearby villages. There are different levels of trekking, but it is just as valid to walk on routes without too much unevenness as to climb mountains with a little more risk. Whatever your case may be, you should have basic material for hiking.

    Good trekking shoes or hiking boots, comfortable clothes, walking sticks and a backpack are, in general, the essential equipment for hiking. More specifically, we will provide you with a list of the equipment and accessories for trekking:

    Navigation: First of all, we don't want to get lost. That's why we must be well informed about the route we're going to take before leaving home, and it's never superfluous to carry a map or a compass. Although today mobile applications and GPS can help us a lot, we have to keep in mind that depending on which mountain areas we can lose the coverage.

    Sun Protection: Especially in summer and snowy conditions, it is important to protect the skin from sunlight with sunscreen and lip balm to prevent burns. It is also important to wear sunglasses, both to protect our eyes and not to lose visibility in the mountains.

    Lighting: In case you pass through caves where there is no sunlight, if we leave very early at night or we are going to spend several days of excursion, don't forget to bring a flashlight. Think of battery replacements too, as you never know.

    First aid: Although we don't usually like to think about it, small (and not so small) accidents can happen in the mountains and we must be prepared. Therefore, we should always think about carrying a first aid kit, since we never know when we will need it.

    Tools: It is not superfluous to carry a small multi-purpose knife or knife, fire-making material (if allowed) and watch.

    Nutrition and hydration: Food and drink are fundamental. Calculate the water you need according to the excursion you are going to make, the food or energy snacks.

    Overnight stay: If the excursion includes more than one day you will need a tent, mat, reflective blanket and sleeping bag.


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