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Climbing accessories 

Climbing accessories
We've put together all the climbing accessories you could need, whatever your tastes: climbing wall, outdoor, pure rock or mountaineering. In our climbing accessories section you will find magnesium, magnesium bags, pre-plating rods and accessories in general.
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  • 11,00 € In Stock

    500 grams of quality chunky chalk. Also available in 200 gramos y 300 gr.

  • 11,00 € In Stock

    Mammut's liquid chalk that offers great grip, it contains more than 75% alcohol.

  • 14,80 € In Stock

    Secret Stuff is an isopropyl alcohol based liquid chalk. Rub a small amount on your hands, let dry, and a perfect layer of the highest purity Magnesium Carbonate magically appears. The perfect "clean" alternative to loose chalk. 

  • 3,60 € 4,50 € In Stock

    A premium blend of our new scientifically engineered chalk, Black Gold contains 10% Pure Gold, which is a super porous form of magnesium carbonate containing Upsalite. Black Gold absorbs twice the moisture than other compounds. Get the added grip with this single-serving 30-gram packet.

  • 8,00 € In Stock

    200 grams of quality chunky chalk. Also available in 300 gr.

  • 9,50 € In Stock

    300 grams of quality chunky chalk. Also available in 200 gr.

  • 4,60 € In Stock

    High quality and performance fine chalk. It lasts 2 to 5 times longer in your hands.

  • 5,00 € In Stock

    BEAL BALL-IT magnesium bag for climbing, a more economical and practical way to carry and use magnesium.

  • 3,00 € In Stock

    Pure, uncut and ready to rock. 56G

  • 32,50 € In Stock

    Confortable belay glasses that will keep your neck healthy after long climbing sessions.

  • 65,00 € In Stock

    Beta Climbing Designs presents the most evolved and compact model of its range of poles for remote clipping in complete safety, the new Evo Climb mini that reaches 147 centimeters with a weight of only 281 grams.

  • 95,40 € In Stock

    BetaStick Ultra long model, from 113 cm up to 6.48 m.

  • 77,00 € In Stock

    BetaStick ultra compact model, 55 cm up to 2.38 m.

  • 84,00 € In Stock

    Very extensible clipping stick, with a length from 74 cms when it's folded to 374 in full extension. More robust, resistant and versatile than the previous version.

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