Those who really love the mountain, run trail racing and do not take off their boots or sleep, it is common to see how the soles end up shattered.

Given this situation, what a lot of people do is to acquire a new boot or sneaker, although the rest are in good condition, although they do not realize that replacing the sole is sufficient. In Goma2 we change the soles of the boots or shoes and we leave them as new.

We can replace the brand's soles, as long as their replacement is possible. We also change lace for crampons.

Repair prices

All prices for boots and shoes repairs are with VAT included. Bring your shoes to our Siurana store to advise on the repair of the boot or mountain shoe.

Reparación de botas con suela Vibram Breithorn

Vibram Breithorn Sole

45,00€ pair

suela vibram ibs para reparación de botas

Vibram IBS Sole (Impact Brake System) + antishock

52,00€ pair

reparación de suela vibram

Nepal Top Sole

52,00€ pair

suela trango para reparación

Vibram Trango Evo Sole (IBS) Special from La Sportiva

62,00€ pair

reparación de botas con suela clusaz

Vibram Clusaz Sole

56,00€ pair

sola reparació icetreck

Vibram Icetreck Sole

56,00€ pair

resolado de zapatillas con suelas rothorn

Vibram Rothorn Sole

56,00€ pair


resolado de zapatillas con suela vibram Friction

Vibram Friction Sole

40,00€ pair

reparación de botas con suela vibram mulaz

Vibram Mulaz Sole

40,00€ pair

cambio de suela vibram Jankuat

Vibram Jankuat Sole

45,00€ pair

Suela Bifida reparación

Sole Vibram Bifida

56,00€ pair

cambio de entresuela cramponable 

Cramponable midsoles (changing the sole)

30,00€ pair

zapatilla gravity


5,00€ each unit

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