From Cornudella to the world

From Cornudella to the world

If we take a look back, in Goma2 we were often surprised by the evolution of climbing in Siurana. From the first bolted routes when we were just a few, through the boom of the sport climbing more than 30 years ago,  and when climbers began to come from everywhere and until today, with more than 4,500 routes in a radius of 50km and a large number of visitors looking for new experiences in sport climbing.

The walls of Siurana, Margalef, Montsant or Prades have become a must visit for many climbers, both nationally and internationally. The great adherence that characterizes its perfect limestone and its crimps; the great variety of routes and graduations, as well as the spectacularlandscape have made Siurana a meeting point for hundreds of climbers.

And the truth is that in our store we are increasingly servicing more climbers from northern Europe, France or the United Kingdom. That's when you realize that Siurana is becoming international, and so are we.

Many of these climbers, once they returned to their country, wanted to continue to have our climbing shoe repair service. A need that became a challenge for us. However, the Internet does not understand on borders and thanks to our online climbing shoes repair system, we have been able to maintain this link with foreign climbers. Being a very specific market space, there are not many enterprises who are professionally dedicated to the repair of this type of footwear, and finding a good resoler is not an easy task.

This new strategic step allows us topick up and deliver climbing shoes at home anywhere in Europe. So what has always been a traditional local task, such as shoe repair, makes a step forward and is internationalized and allows to offer repair to anyone who requires it in Europe.

In this way, climbers do not have to move to the workshop - or their collection points - to resole their climbing shoes. In addition, both the ordering and tracking of climbing shoes can be done in a simple way through the customer area, something attractive to those who have tried it.

Customer response to our new online repair service has been very satisfactory, highlighting both the convenience of the service and the results of online repair and assistance. From Goma2 we will continue to look for new opportunities to continue improving.

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